ATT MVNO’s Compared

     ATT MVNO’s offer some of the best overall nationwide coverage maps per dollar so pay close attention to what you see here.  Other carriers 4G MVNO’s may offer cheaper wireless phone plans but their nationwide coverage isn’t top notch like AT&T’s.  Since AT&T operates on a GSM based network, bringing your own cell phone to their MVNO’s tends to be easier than moving a Verizon or Sprint phone to one.
Something to be aware of though is that AT&T appears to play favorites with it’s data pipeline favoring it’s direct customers over it’s MVNO subscribers as outlined here.  Also, many MVNO’s refer to HSPA+ as 4G though they do not provide LTE.  In order to make it into this price comparison database, any plans that offered less than 1 GB of data were excluded, as that simply isn’t enough data for a majority of users.  The current list best describes plans suited for single lines.  If family plans are all you are interested in you can have a look at them here.  In some cases though, the below single line prepaid cell phone plans will suffice and be what’s most cost effective for you, particularly if you are a couple or a family of less than 4.



The Best AT&T MVNOs and Prepaid Cell Phone Plans (The plans listed represent what we feel is each AT&T MVNOs best offering for smartphones)

 Prepaid ProviderMinutes/Texts includedDataPrice ($)
AirVoice Wireless (1)Unlimited/Unlimited+limited international1 GB40
Jolt Mobile (4)unlimited/unlimited/ 100 international sms1 GB 4G 40
H2O Wireless (9)unlimited/unlimited/
unlimited international incoming text/100 international text send/$20 international voice credit
1 GB 4G HSPA+ no lte37
Pure TalkUSA (2)unlimited/unlimited1 GB at 3G40.95
Consumer Cellular200/15,0002.5 GB LTE45
Cricket Mobile (3)unlimited/unlimited3 GB LTE45
Straight Talk (7)unlimited/unlimited 3 GB at 3G/4G throttled to 2G after 45
NET10 wireless (8)unlimited/unlimited3 GB 4G and LTE/after 3 GB unlimited but throttled45.00
Black WirelessUnlimited/Unlimited + limited international2 GB no LTE50
Good 2Go Mobileunlimited/unlimited/300 international minutes1 GB 3G 50
Red Pocket Mobile6unlimited/unlimited/
Unlmited international talk/free international text
3 GB at 4G59.99
AT&T Go Phoneunlimited/unlimited + Wi-fi hotspot2.5 GB LTE 60
Divvy Mobileunlimited/unlimited1 GB 3G/4G60
SkyView Wireless (5)unlimited/unlimited/
some international talk & text
unlimited presumably throttled at some point60


Not sure which is right for you?  Maybe this MVNO List can help.  Looking for a cheaper plan than what’s listed?  You may find another AT&T MVNO listed on our Cheapest No Contract Cell Phone Plans of 2014 page.

The Fine Print

1= AirVoice Wireless.  Initially 500 mb is deposited into your account. Once you reach that limit, you must call customer service to get remaining 500 MB added. Data can be throttled at any time at Airvoice’s discretion

2= PureTalk USA.  Service will be terminated if you exceed 750 minutes talk in conference calls or via call forwarding. There are no overages unless you request to be allowed overages which occur at a rate of $10 per 100MB or 100 MMS.

3= Cricket Mobile.  LTE speeds limited to 8mbps and HSPA+ 4mbps, over data limit speeds throttled to 128kbps

4= Jolt Mobile.  UNLIMITED voice services may not be used for conference calling, 3-way calling or call forwarding. Data can only be applied in 500mb increments. Once you hit 500mb you must call to get other 500mb activated

5= SkyView Wireless.  No call forwarding or 3 way calling. No MMS. No sms short codes. Text between 2 individuals only

6= Red Pocket Mobile.  No call forwarding, or 3 way calling. No streaming audio or video or games

7= Straight Talk Wireless.  No sms short codes. No unusually long and repeated phone calls. Data usage that is excessive and above average could result in termination

8= Net10 Wireless.  Limited sms short code. Data usage above the average customer can result in termination. Price is with auto pay enabled.